Come from Away Getaway and more Spring fun with Badder Bus and Robin Hood Tours


Come from Away Getaway and
more Spring Fun with Badder Bus and Robin Hood Tours

When you just need to get away, Come from Away, and other springtime adventures are waiting for you! While we anxiously await the spring weather in Ontario, we’re hoping the warm weather is just around the corner. And there are many ways to enjoy the new season and build memories. These 5 springtime journeys are just a few of our favourites:

Come From Away at the Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto 
Come From Away has moved back to the Royal Alexandra Theatre. Boasting overwhelming demand after sold-out performances, this heartwarming, true story is sure to bring laughter, excitement, and pure emotion. Set in a small, Canadian town where the locals showed compassion for travellers in the wake of 9/11, this musical is full of generosity and guaranteed not to leave a dry eye.

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
Enjoy a buffet lunch at Tuckers Market Place. Then, discover 15,000 amazing aquatic creatures at the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada. The aquarium is home to North America’s longest underwater viewing tunnel, nine stunning galleries, and aquatic environments ranging from the Great Lakes to Australia, from fresh to saltwater.

Blue Jays Baseball
Enjoy this journey to see the Blue Jays at the Rogers Centre with field level bases tickets. Transportation to and from the game is sure to take the stress off of city driving and get you cheering for those Jays. Take me out to this ball game!

Mystery Tour
Do you enjoy secrets, mysteries and puzzles? Then one of our mystery trips might just be what you have been looking for. Join us on one of our mystery trips where everything is kept secret and remains unexplained and unknown until you arrive. Always a great day of fun!

Port Huron Shopping
Do you need some retail therapy? This tour includes a visit to Birchwood Mall with over 80 stores, including JC Penney and Target. Optional stops at Kohl’s, Meijer and Hobby Lobby will also be offered.

Make new memories this springtime. Get on board with Badder Bus and Robin Hood Tours to experience marine life, shopping, baseball, Royal Alexandra Theatre’s Come from Away, and more.

Tours and trips sell quickly and may not be available at all times. But with more than 100 destinations, an exciting spring adventure waits for you. To book your spring getaway, contact Robin Hood Tours at or 1-800-268-2838 x2.

Updated Jan 24, 2020

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Build Team Leaders On Your Minor Sports Team

You Too Can Build Team Leaders On Your Minor Sports Team


You too, can build team leaders on your minor sports team.

As the evening air shifts, we’re getting a break from the humid nights we’ve become so accustomed to. The bedroom window lies open and the fresh, crisp air filters through. Thoughts drift to the end of the summer sport season and the beginning of winter.

As you reflect on your work as a coach, you wonder if you’ve reached every player. Did their skills improve? Do they believe in their own abilities?

Will they become team leaders? Will that translate from the team to real life?

Meanwhile, one of those players has long forgotten summer ball, their heads now filled with the thoughts of going back to school, and their hearts filled with the excitement of the approaching hockey season.

And early morning practice.

It’s not long before the blades are sharp, the laces tied, players are selected, and a team is formed. New players and returning players come together to figure out the dance of the game – how do they jive, how do they work together, do they feel they belong?

Sometimes, peer entry problems exist in the dressing room and a new challenge beyond skill and game play emerges. How do you as a coach manage the level of respect among the players on the team that you’ve worked hard to build?

The synergy of your team may be just as important as its skill level. A team of players who know and accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses can work hard together to the best of their abilities, and then reflect together afterwards.

The players on your team are influenced: by social media, by family culture, by the coaching and training staff, by the referees and by the fans. And as leagues and minor sports associations continue to promote respect in sport, we can expect that the same respect be extended to everyone associated with the team.

One way to improve relationships on your team is to have your players get to know each other early in the year. Go on a team-bonding mission together. Then start a social media group. Keep it between your players and the coaching and training staff. Encourage positive communication only and invite players to mention the strengths of others on the team.

Reward those who applaud others.

Recognize when someone encourages another player.

Get excited by the team member who enlivens the team.

Encourage your players to influence each other.

They already have a common interest, and when they begin to celebrate each other regularly, then… they’ll have synergy. And before too long, just watch your team leaders emerge.

But don’t stop there.

Keep your team together when travelling to tournaments. They’ll continue to jive and have fun together. Badder Bus specializes in group transportation. And your team’s journey means just as much to us as it does to you.

Contact us today at 1-800-668-1974 or visit

Life’s a Journey. Get on Board.


Plan a Dream Wedding your Guests Will Love

Plan a Dream Wedding Your Guests will Love


Planning your dream wedding is exciting, but it’s not an easy task. You want the celebration to be unforgettable and with so many details to consider, your task list can feel endless. Memorable wedding celebrations are those where the planners have paid attention to the details, seemingly not to forget a thing. But we would go so far as to say that the most memorable weddings are those that make their guests feel special, and provide an unforgettable experience.

The Best Guest Experiences Don’t go Unnoticed
Think about your best and worst hotel stay. It’s all about the guest experience—how you’re greeted and how you’re treated. And when you’ve felt you’ve received adequate attention during your stay, you’ll remember that experience for a long time.

While your wedding day should be all about you, there are others to consider. Whether you choose to plan your own wedding, use the venue in-house wedding planner, or decide to hire a freelance wedding planner, if the guest experience is an important part of the plan then your guests will leave feeling considered and your wedding will be a fond and cherished memory.

Consider a few of these tips for leaving a lasting impression with all of your guests.

Create buzz-worthy fun:
A wedding lip dub is the perfect way to get your guests engaged and primed for some fun. Or opt to put on a show for them along with the traditional first dance. There are lots of variations to this theme, like an epic father/daughter dance or a surprise groomsmen dance. Whichever you decide, there won’t be a dry eye in the reception hall.

Provide a slow motion photo booth. You can build this on your own with the technology that’s available on smart phones today. Or, you can opt to hire a professional like the slowmobros to add the finishing touches.

Show your guests they’re important to you:
People naturally love to dance. And after watching some of the epic dances mentioned here, they’ll be excited to get on that dance floor. But if you really want them to cut a rug out there, provide a big bucket of flip-flops at the front door. You can even tie tags on the shoes that represent your theme if you want to. They will be sure to ditch their dress shoes and appreciate that you’ve thought of them on your day.

Make your family feel special
Some of the most important guests at your wedding will be your family. Spend a little time thinking about what will make them feel special. Chances are they’ve endured the planning process along with you and they’ve worked tirelessly planning additional side celebrations for you. Putting some thought into making them feel important on your wedding day will be all the thanks they’ll need to leave them feeling appreciated.

Touch base with your guests who travel
For guests who have travelled a long way to celebrate your union, make sure they have a place to stay. Leave little note cards in their rooms letting them know that you appreciate them and that you’re looking forward to seeing them soon.

Spend time with everyone
It’ll be difficult to speak to everyone during the reception, but not if you plan some of the moments mentioned above. If you make the rounds during the lip dub, or photo bomb your guests in the slow motion photo booth, it’ll be easy to catch up with each of them. Including some of the senior guests in these activities will make for some very special moments captured on film or in photos.

Theme your wedding around a holiday
When people are already excited about a special day or event, they’ll be ready to celebrate double-time on your wedding day. A Valentine’s Day wedding or New Year’s Eve wedding will provide the perfect opportunity for decorations. Get creative with these holidays. If you decorate with themed party favours, deserts, and flowers for the table, the event is sure to be memorable. You could even consider a Halloween themed wedding…if you dare.

Food trucks
If you’ve ever danced all night, laughed all night, socialized all night, you know that by midnight, you’re usually famished. Why not book a couple of food trucks to drive up to your venue? Food truck meals and snacks have elevated to a level of unmatched deliciousness. Try a sweet and a savoury option. Your guests will love getting outside for a few minutes and the mess….what mess?

Pamper your guests with a ride


One of the best ways to take care of your guests is to organize their transportation for them. Consider renting an elegant wedding charter to transfer your guests from the church to the picture location, then to the reception hall. Or spoil your wedding party with all day transportation. Alternatively, rent a school bus, and double up on its use. Deck out the inside with fairy lights and decorations to double as the backdrop for your photo booth. No matter what type of bus you choose, your guests will be extremely grateful for the organized transportation.

Delight, spoil, and care for your guests to ensure your wedding is one for the memory books. You plan the venue, the food, and the fun – we’ll take care of the transportation logistics. Badder Bus offers beautiful wedding charters, charter buses and school buses to transport your guests and make sure your event is one they will never forget. Call 1-800-668-1974 or visit


5 Canadian Reading Week Group Trip Ideas for a True North Getaway​


5 Canadian Reading Week Group Trip Ideas for a True North Getaway

Reading week is one of the busiest weeks for travel to warm destinations for students (and professors). But you don’t have to sit in the heat to rejuvenate from your studies – you can have just as much fun while staying in Canada. Whether you’re an international student looking for an authentic Canadian experience, or just a local looking to stay close to home, these 5 Canadian reading week trip ideas are perfect for short or long stays (pssst- they’re great for March Break, too!). Plan a group trip, and let Badder Bus get you started on your journey. Montreal Mais oui! Montréal is the largest city in Quebec and situated on an island in the St. Lawrence river – and it doesn’t get much more Canadian than this! Climb Mount Royal, and visit the Notre Dame Basilica, the Biodome, or the Olympic Stadium! Be sure to wander the quaint streets of Old Montreal and enjoy delicious poutine and world-famous bagels. C’est magnifique! Muskoka Fresh pine, crisp snow, and the sounds of the woods… venture into the Canadian Shield for an authentic Canadian backwoods adventure. Reconnect with nature while surrounded by vast trees, towering rock faces and wildlife. Off-season rates make renting a Muskoka cottage a great group getaway!  Ottawa Canada’s capital city is jam packed with things to do – especially in the wintertime! Soak up some Canadian politics with a visit to Parliament Hill, brush up on your history at the Canadian Museum of History or the Diefenbunker, and enjoy artisan food and designer shopping in the ByWard Market. Skate all 7.8km of the Rideau Canal to prove you’re a true Canadian, and finish it all off with a delicious BeaverTail. Blue Mountain Hit the slopes! Just northwest of Collingwood, Blue Mountain is Ontario’s only year-round mountain resort and spa. With ski and snowboard hills, pools, skating, snowshoeing, horse-drawn carriage rides and more, Blue Mountain is the ultimate winter recreation destination. Blue Mountain Village is also the perfect backdrop for your reading week Instagram photos! Niagara Experience the rush of the Niagara Falls and the excitement of nightlife. Or, journey to Niagara-On-The-Lake for a slower adventure. Take in historical forts, scenic views and world-class wineries. The entire Niagara district has hundreds of adventures to discover! Regardless of the destination, the best way to have a memorable reading week is by spending it with friends. Wherever your journey takes you, Badder Bus will take your group there. Give us a call at 1-800-668-1974 to book stress-free transportation for your group to your reading week destination.
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4 Perfect Tips for a Fun and Memorable Prom Night


4 Perfect Tips for a Fun, Memorable
Prom Night

As the end of the school term approaches, you must be thinking about planning for prom. With a little forethought, you can transform your night from an average evening to your fantasy prom experience. For that stellar prom night, check out these 4 tips:

Plan it, wear it, love it

Pinterest Vision board: Create a pinterest board with your dream dress, nails, hair, and makeup (or suit, shoes, and photos). Show your stylist what you want to achieve or take your pinned posts shopping with you. This will cut down on shopping stress and ensures you’ll capture that perfect look!

For the ladies:


fun prom shoes for her

  • Break in your shoes well in advance of the evening so your feet stay comfortable and you can dance all night long! Even better, opt for flats instead of heels or change into a comfier shoe after the photoshoot. With a long dress, nobody will know the difference (unless you want them to!)
  • Do a makeup test. Many cosmetics stores offer free makeovers in exchange for a minimum purchase. Have them create an effortless prom look, then purchase the beauty products and recreate the look yourself! #snatched!

For the gents:

Fun prom socks for him

  • Make a statement. Pick up a fun pair of socks or a unique pocket square to add your own subtle flair to your look.
  • Book an appointment with your barber a few days before prom to make sure you’re looking #fresh.

Ensure suits and dresses fit properly long before the big night and get them altered by a tailor if necessary.

Pre-prom photo shoots are
the G.O.A.T.

Prom photos

In addition to photos with your date or bestie, group photos with a large group of friends will be one of the highlights from prom night. Organize a meet up with a group chat and get your whole #squad to brainstorm ideas. Think of a location that has ample space to fit everyone in the photo, such as a scenic backyard, a park, or a farm. You may wish to hire a photographer or ask a parent with a photography hobby if they could snap some pics. Or consider purchasing an inexpensive polaroid camera to get those photos with some extra character. After prom, create a scrapbook or order a printed photo book online and save your memories for a lifetime.

Book transportation with Badder Bus


Ensure stress-free travel with a bus and a friendly driver. Book for a group of friends, or bring the entire graduating class. We’ll take you to your photo shoot locations, to the pre-party, to the prom, and back to the starting point at the end of the night. Contact us at 1-800-668-1974 or for more information.

The big night


    • Prommergency kit: Pack a kit for those “just in case” moments. A clutch or jacket pocket stocked with these essentials: bobby pins, bandaids for blisters, safety pins, a Tide-to-Go stick, and double-sided clothing tape for fashion disasters will save you in a pinch!
    • Make sure your phone is fully charged so you can Snapchat the night away!

With these tips, your prom is sure to be memorable. Give us a call at
1-800-668-1974 to book your stress-free transportation for prom night and enjoy your prom journey together!

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Our Top 6 Ontario Winter Destinations to Beat the Winter Blahs


Top 6 Ontario Winter Destinations to Beat the Blahs

Winter – love it or hate it, it’s here to stay a little while longer. While we might not be able to make the season warmer, we can definitely make sure you get somewhere to make the most of it. From skiing to festivals, here are 6 Ontario winter activities sure to make your February a little more enjoyable.

Feb Fest, Kingston 
A flurry of figure skating, hockey, snow sculpting and more, Feb Fest promises an action-packed month of winter fun in Kingston. Feast on a Beavertail, enjoy a wagon ride, and visit Boucher Park which has been transformed into an ice slide wonderland! The festival runs through February 28th, 2018. 

Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort
There’s a whole lot of fun packed into Kitchener’s winter park. Chicopee provides the province’s best tubing experience along with fantastic ski and snowboard runs. Just starting out on your skis or board? Chicopee is just the place to learn!

Haliburton Highlands
There’s something for everyone in Haliburton: 14 ski and snowboard runs at Sir Sam’s Ski & Ride, 370 kms of snowmobile trails, plenty of cross-country skiing aventures, and dogsled tours in Haliburton Forest. Thrill-seekers won’t want to miss ice climbing at Base Camp 35.

Ottawa Valley
The sights and sounds of woodland creatures, a hot cocoa, and a horse-drawn sleigh. Sound amazing? Add this traditional sleigh ride through Ottawa Valley to your list. While you’re there, enjoy skating, curling, skiing and tubing!

Winterlude, Ottawa
Enjoy beautifully crafted ice sculptures, skating on the Rideau, live music and entertainment, and North America’s largest snow playground. Make sure to taste some famous Canadian delicacies, like Beavertails and snow candy. Need we say more? Don’t miss out on Ottawa’s biggest party from February 2 to 19, 2018.

Blue Mountain Village, Collingwood
With over 40 restaurants and unique shops, romantic hideaways, turn of the century Ontario architecture and loads of winter activities, Blue Mountain Village in Collingwood is the place that just might turn you into a cold weather lover. Enjoy a winter hike, a leisurely tube ride, ice skating, snowshoeing, or cruise around the mountain at 42 km/h on the Ridge Runner Coaster. And did we mention the heated, year-round outdoor winter pools?

Top off your entire experience by skipping the winter drive. Contact Badder Bus at
1-800-668-1974 today to book your group getaway.

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Build Unforgettable Memories this Family Day


Build unforgettable memories this Family Day.


Make the most of your Family Day weekend by exploring some of the fun activities that Southern Ontario has to offer. Here are a few great ways to entertain the kids while building family memories.

London, Ontario
Storybook Gardens
Strap on some skates and follow the ice-skating trail through fairytale displays. In celebration of Family Day, you can also enjoy all-day pancake breakfast, campfires, and more. Admission: $13/family; skate rental: $6.50/person.

Children’s Museum
Explore three floors of interactive exhibits geared especially to kids and their families. From history to science to art, there’s sure to be something to pique your curiosity. And this Family Day weekend, you can play five over sized games including Connect Four and Hungry Hippos—perfect for a fun family challenge. Admission: $8/person; $2.50/child aged 12-23months.

Kitchener, Ontario
Chicopee Ski & Summer Resort
Spend a fun day on the slopes. Whether you choose to ski or snowboard, Chicopee is offering Family Fun packages for the Family Day weekend. End your day with a bang by taking in fireworks on Saturday at closing. Admission: $30/All Access Lift tickets; $45/Discovery package.

Chicopee Tube Park
Have fun zipping down one of the six different tubing chutes. And once you reach the bottom, a carpet conveyor will carry you and your tube right back up to the top so that you can enjoy another run. Normally closed on Mondays, the park will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in celebration of Family Day. Admission: $25/adult; $21/kids 12 and under.

Hamilton, Ontario
Royal Botanical Gardens
Check out the Frogs! exhibit with tons of family-friendly activities all about, you guessed it, frogs. Stories, crafts, and guided walks are just some of the activities you can enjoy. Admission: $37/family of four.

 Art Gallery of Hamilton
The Art Gallery of Hamilton is hosting Winterfest Family Day. Kids will have a chance to not only see some amazing art, but to make their own art as well. Admission: $5/family (non-members)

Toronto, Ontario
Ontario Place
Celebrate Family Day at Ontario Place. Skating, bonfires, and winter light displays can be enjoyed outside. Or head inside to the Cinesphere to watch an IMAX movie. Admission to the outdoor activities is free. Tickets to the Cinesphere range from $11/child to $15/adult.

The Royal Ontario Museum
There’s a ton of things to explore at the ROM. Dinosaurs are always a family favourite, but you can also check out the current Vikings exhibit. And just for Family Day weekend, the ROM is hosting Family Funday Weekend: One World, a celebration of multiculturalism with music and hands-on activities. General admission: $20/adult, $14/child, children 3 and under are free.

Why not build fun family memories en route? Bring several families together and enjoy an affordable coach trip to destinations in and around Southern Ontario. To book a bus, visit us at

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7 Mouth-watering places to eat in the Niagara Region


7 Mouth-watering places to eat in Niagara Region


Living in Southern Ontario, we’re fortunate to have one of the country’s great wine regions so close to home. And no day trip to Niagara Region is complete without lunch at one of the area’s many tempting restaurants. From casual to resplendent, here are a few to consider:

Good Earth Food and Wine Company Bistro
Few things suit an excursion in wine country like a bistro lunch. At Good Earth Food and Wine Company’s relaxing bistro you can enjoy a true farm-to-table experience with mouthwatering dishes like Short Rib Croquettes and Fennel & Cucumber Slaw.

Upper Canada Cheese
With the world-renowned parks and trails in the Niagara region, don’t ignore picnicking as an option. You can find your provisions in the Gourmet Boutique at Upper Canada Cheese—think fresh breads, pâtés, crackers, preserves, charcuterie, and all those wonderful Ontario cheeses, such as their grillable (!) Guernsey Girl.

KouTouki Greek Cuisine
If you find yourself in downtown Niagara Falls needing a break, slip into KouTouki Greek Cuisine for scrumptious Mediterranean fare. With a wide range of Greek favourites, from savoury Spanakotyropita to Chargrilled Octopus, you’ll be shouting “Opa!” in no time. Just don’t go breaking any plates.

Tide & Vine Oyster House
Unassumingly located in a plaza, this gem is anything but ordinary. Seafood lovers will be hard-pressed to do better than Tide & Vine Oyster House with its impressive selection of steamed, smoked, cured, grilled and raw delicacies from the ocean. Those who prefer terrestrial food will find tasty options, too.

The Restaurant at Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery
The Restaurant at Ravine Vineyard Estate Winery promises “farm dining,” but one look at the menu and you’ll realize you’re in for more than drab meat-and-potato fare. From Duck Leg Confit to Ravine Vegetarian Soup with Chive Muffins, scrumptious Niagara Region flavours abound.

The Restaurant at Vineland Estates Winery
Celebrating a special occasion? Consider treating yourselves to lunch at The Restaurant at Vineland Estates Winery. Not only is the wine list impressive and the menu innovative (Pickerel with Beef-Cheek Pastrami, anyone?), you’ll be savouring everything in one of OpenTable’s 2017 Most Romantic Restaurants in

 The Winery Restaurant at Peller Estates
A truly memorable lunch awaits you at The Winery Restaurant at Peller Estates. On par with the high-end restaurants of downtown Toronto, the list of accolades for this fine-dining establishment is impressive. With options like Hand Rolled Black Truffle Linguini and Bison Carpaccio, sophisticated diners will not be disappointed.

Make your group trip to the Niagara region even more enjoyable, skip the driving. Visit to learn more about renting a luxurious and affordable coach bus—with onboard entertainment systems, and panoramic windows for the best view!! Beat the spring rush – book today.

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How to Plan a Memorable Wine Tour with Badder Bus


How to Plan a Memorable Wine Tour with Badder Bus


Oh, Niagara! Renowned for its picturesque falls, the region is also home to acres and acres of vineyards and first-rate Canadian wines!

Are you planning a tour of Canada’s charming wine country? There’s a lot to consider, from popular vineyards to worthwhile attractions and, of course, transportation! Whether you’re planning an extended bus tour or a day trip from Toronto, let Badder Bus help you make the most of your getaway.

Here are five things to consider when planning a memorable wine tour to Niagara Falls:

1. Choose your wineries wisely. Niagara is home to 70-plus beautiful wineries tucked away off the beaten path. In order to fully immerse yourself in the experience, limit the tour to three or four coveted stops. You want to have enough time to savour the wines, stroll through the vineyards, speak to the growers and producers, and browse the shops for exclusive wine options and other delicacies. Look up reviews to help narrow your selection. Each winery offers something unique; for example, Peller Estates is known for its one-of-a-kind tours; Caroline Cellars, for its heart-warming country charm; and Inniskillin Wines, for its iconic ice wine collection. Remember, diversity is key!

2. Brush up on tasting techniques. Embrace your inner sommelier and prep your wine palate by giving your guests a crash course on proper tasting techniques. As you ride along sprawling fields to your first destination, provide passengers with a few quick tips on how to assess the sour, bitter or sweet flavours of wine. Covering the basics in advance is a good way to maximize your time and move through each visit as efficiently as possible.

3. Sample in moderation. Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc—there are countless varieties of wine to try, each boasting its own unique flavour profile. But even the smallest sips can add up! It’s important to sample in moderation and stay hydrated. As a rule of thumb, you should consume an ounce of water for every five ounces of wine. Most importantly, never taste and drive! Equipped with a large fleet of charter buses and qualified drivers with your safety in mind, Badder Bus can conveniently get your entourage, large or small, from one destination to the next. A wine tour is more enjoyable when taking a bus as transportation throughout Niagara Falls with your entire group.

4. Allocate time for other stops. Local country towns, farmers’ markets, coffee houses, heritage sites—the Niagara region is brimming with places to visit! Make the most of your trip by exploring the quaint, 19th-century town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, strolling through the historic battlegrounds of Queenston Heights Park or booking a white-water adventure at the world-famous Niagara Falls. Take advantage of a local farmers’ market or picnic area with a spectacular view to break up the day and enjoy a savoury meal, a glass of your preferred wine in hand.

5. Rent a bus. With so many places to visit in such limited time, organizing transportation can be a real hassle. Thankfully, Badder Bus offers custom charter bus services with departures from Southwestern Ontario to Niagara Falls, including other destinations across Canada. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of our modern, luxurious motor coaches as you tour across Canada’s breathtaking wine country.

If you’re looking for a reputable charter bus company for your upcoming voyage, trust Badder Bus to see to your transportation needs—reserve a coach today!

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Coach bus rider

Making the Most Out of Long Drives and Coach Bus Rides

Coach bus rider

Making the Most Out of Long Drives and Coach Bus Rides

Stay Occupied and Entertain Kids on Bus Rides Across Ontario

In Canada, we are lucky to live in one of the biggest and most diverse nations in the world. While the size and scope offers gorgeous views and varied landscapes, it also means long drives and travel times. Ontario alone encompasses a large area and getting from point A to B can make for a long and tiring journey, especially if you are behind the wheel.

Thankfully, travel time does not have to be solely dedicated to getting to your destination. Reliable bus services in Ontario provide the opportunity to use those hours on the road to make memories, get productive, and take time for yourself. If you are travelling from Toronto to Niagara Falls, consider taking a coach bus that offers comfort, ease, and the chance to catch up or relax along the way.

Top Tips to Make Your Coach Bus Ride Fun and Functional

Instead of counting down the minutes or tracking the kilometres, enjoy the journey with these simple but effective ideas to make long bus rides engaging and productive:

    • Read: Whether you have a stack of research material for school or work or miss having time to read for pleasure, your Toronto to Niagara Falls bus ride is the perfect time to bury yourself in a book. Find a best seller, revisit an old favourite, or learn something new as you make your way through research content.
    • Catch Up: It is easy to let emails and correspondence slip throughout a busy week. Dedicate time during your journey to respond to emails or get some work done. Jot down brainstorming notes as you give your ideas room to grow and develop, or call an old friend or your parents to hear how things are going. There are lots of ways to make your travel time both productive and enjoyable.
    • Sleep: Everybody could use a few extra hours. Show up at your destination refreshed by catching a few z’s on your bus ride. Consider packing an eye mask, neck pillow and ear plugs for busy travel times, and dress in layers or bring a scarf so that you can avoid catching a chill while napping.
  • Spend Quality Time: When you don’t have the responsibility of being behind the wheel, your children become travel buddies rather than distractions on route. Instead of playing digital games, start up a round of Geography, Simon Says, or other classic road trip games that are social and interactive. Learn more about how your kids think and spend the travel time connecting rather than distracting.

When you take a Niagara Falls coach bus, you arrive feeling accomplished and refreshed. Let the driver worry about traffic and road conditions while you cross things off your list or take time to rest. With Badder Bus, you can count on a comfortable ride and high level of service. Convenient bus models and in-demand route options allow us to help you get the most of your trips as you explore Ontario by bus.

Contact Badder Bus to rent your coach or school bus in Ontario at 1-800-668-1974 or reach us online today.

How about bringing your friends? Call Badder Bus at 1-800-668-1974 to rent your coach or school bus in Ontario.

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