How to Plan a Memorable Wine Tour with Badder Bus


Oh, Niagara! Renowned for its picturesque falls, the region is also home to acres and acres of vineyards and first-rate Canadian wines!

Are you planning a tour of Canada’s charming wine country? There’s a lot to consider, from popular vineyards to worthwhile attractions and, of course, transportation! Whether you’re planning an extended bus tour or a day trip from Toronto, let Badder Bus help you make the most of your getaway.

Here are five things to consider when planning a memorable wine tour to Niagara Falls:

1. Choose your wineries wisely. Niagara is home to 70-plus beautiful wineries tucked away off the beaten path. In order to fully immerse yourself in the experience, limit the tour to three or four coveted stops. You want to have enough time to savour the wines, stroll through the vineyards, speak to the growers and producers, and browse the shops for exclusive wine options and other delicacies. Look up reviews to help narrow your selection. Each winery offers something unique; for example, Peller Estates is known for its one-of-a-kind tours; Caroline Cellars, for its heart-warming country charm; and Inniskillin Wines, for its iconic ice wine collection. Remember, diversity is key!

2. Brush up on tasting techniques. Embrace your inner sommelier and prep your wine palate by giving your guests a crash course on proper tasting techniques. As you ride along sprawling fields to your first destination, provide passengers with a few quick tips on how to assess the sour, bitter or sweet flavours of wine. Covering the basics in advance is a good way to maximize your time and move through each visit as efficiently as possible.

3. Sample in moderation. Chardonnay, Merlot, Shiraz, Sauvignon Blanc—there are countless varieties of wine to try, each boasting its own unique flavour profile. But even the smallest sips can add up! It’s important to sample in moderation and stay hydrated. As a rule of thumb, you should consume an ounce of water for every five ounces of wine. Most importantly, never taste and drive! Equipped with a large fleet of charter buses and qualified drivers with your safety in mind, Badder Bus can conveniently get your entourage, large or small, from one destination to the next. A wine tour is more enjoyable when taking a bus as transportation throughout Niagara Falls with your entire group.

4. Allocate time for other stops. Local country towns, farmers’ markets, coffee houses, heritage sites—the Niagara region is brimming with places to visit! Make the most of your trip by exploring the quaint, 19th-century town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, strolling through the historic battlegrounds of Queenston Heights Park or booking a white-water adventure at the world-famous Niagara Falls. Take advantage of a local farmers’ market or picnic area with a spectacular view to break up the day and enjoy a savoury meal, a glass of your preferred wine in hand.

5. Rent a bus. With so many places to visit in such limited time, organizing transportation can be a real hassle. Thankfully, Badder Bus offers custom charter bus services with departures from Southwestern Ontario to Niagara Falls, including other destinations across Canada. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of our modern, luxurious motor coaches as you tour across Canada’s breathtaking wine country.

If you’re looking for a reputable charter bus company for your upcoming voyage, trust Badder Bus to see to your transportation needs—reserve a coach today!

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