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Making the Most Out of Long Drives and Coach Bus Rides

Stay Occupied and Entertain Kids on Bus Rides Across Ontario

In Canada, we are lucky to live in one of the biggest and most diverse nations in the world. While the size and scope offers gorgeous views and varied landscapes, it also means long drives and travel times. Ontario alone encompasses a large area and getting from point A to B can make for a long and tiring journey, especially if you are behind the wheel.

Thankfully, travel time does not have to be solely dedicated to getting to your destination. Reliable bus services in Ontario provide the opportunity to use those hours on the road to make memories, get productive, and take time for yourself. If you are travelling from Toronto to Niagara Falls, consider taking a coach bus that offers comfort, ease, and the chance to catch up or relax along the way.

Top Tips to Make Your Coach Bus Ride Fun and Functional

Instead of counting down the minutes or tracking the kilometres, enjoy the journey with these simple but effective ideas to make long bus rides engaging and productive:

    • Read: Whether you have a stack of research material for school or work or miss having time to read for pleasure, your Toronto to Niagara Falls bus ride is the perfect time to bury yourself in a book. Find a best seller, revisit an old favourite, or learn something new as you make your way through research content.
    • Catch Up: It is easy to let emails and correspondence slip throughout a busy week. Dedicate time during your journey to respond to emails or get some work done. Jot down brainstorming notes as you give your ideas room to grow and develop, or call an old friend or your parents to hear how things are going. There are lots of ways to make your travel time both productive and enjoyable.
    • Sleep: Everybody could use a few extra hours. Show up at your destination refreshed by catching a few z’s on your bus ride. Consider packing an eye mask, neck pillow and ear plugs for busy travel times, and dress in layers or bring a scarf so that you can avoid catching a chill while napping.
  • Spend Quality Time: When you don’t have the responsibility of being behind the wheel, your children become travel buddies rather than distractions on route. Instead of playing digital games, start up a round of Geography, Simon Says, or other classic road trip games that are social and interactive. Learn more about how your kids think and spend the travel time connecting rather than distracting.

When you take a Niagara Falls coach bus, you arrive feeling accomplished and refreshed. Let the driver worry about traffic and road conditions while you cross things off your list or take time to rest. With Badder Bus, you can count on a comfortable ride and high level of service. Convenient bus models and in-demand route options allow us to help you get the most of your trips as you explore Ontario by bus.

Contact Badder Bus to rent your coach or school bus in Ontario at 1-800-668-1974 or reach us online today.

How about bringing your friends? Call Badder Bus at 1-800-668-1974 to rent your coach or school bus in Ontario.

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