Plan a Dream Wedding Your Guests will Love


Planning your dream wedding is exciting, but it’s not an easy task. You want the celebration to be unforgettable and with so many details to consider, your task list can feel endless. Memorable wedding celebrations are those where the planners have paid attention to the details, seemingly not to forget a thing. But we would go so far as to say that the most memorable weddings are those that make their guests feel special, and provide an unforgettable experience.

The Best Guest Experiences Don’t go Unnoticed
Think about your best and worst hotel stay. It’s all about the guest experience—how you’re greeted and how you’re treated. And when you’ve felt you’ve received adequate attention during your stay, you’ll remember that experience for a long time.

While your wedding day should be all about you, there are others to consider. Whether you choose to plan your own wedding, use the venue in-house wedding planner, or decide to hire a freelance wedding planner, if the guest experience is an important part of the plan then your guests will leave feeling considered and your wedding will be a fond and cherished memory.

Consider a few of these tips for leaving a lasting impression with all of your guests.

Create buzz-worthy fun:

A wedding lip dub is the perfect way to get your guests engaged and primed for some fun. Or opt to put on a show for them along with the traditional first dance. There are lots of variations to this theme, like an epic father/daughter dance or a surprise groomsmen dance. Whichever you decide, there won’t be a dry eye in the reception hall.

Provide a slow motion photo booth.

You can build this on your own with the technology that’s available on smart phones today. Or, you can opt to hire a professional like the slowmobros to add the finishing touches.

Show your guests they’re important to you

People naturally love to dance. And after watching some of the epic dances mentioned here, they’ll be excited to get on that dance floor. But if you really want them to cut a rug out there, provide a big bucket of flip-flops at the front door. You can even tie tags on the shoes that represent your theme if you want to. They will be sure to ditch their dress shoes and appreciate that you’ve thought of them on your day.

Make your family feel special.

Some of the most important guests at your wedding will be your family. Spend a little time thinking about what will make them feel special. Chances are they’ve endured the planning process along with you and they’ve worked tirelessly planning additional side celebrations for you. Putting some thought into making them feel important on your wedding day will be all the thanks they’ll need to leave them feeling appreciated.

Touch base with your guests who travel.

For guests who have travelled a long way to celebrate your union, make sure they have a place to stay. Leave little note cards in their rooms letting them know that you appreciate them and that you’re looking forward to seeing them soon.

Spend time with everyone.

It’ll be difficult to speak to everyone during the reception, but not if you plan some of the moments mentioned above. If you make the rounds during the lip dub, or photo bomb your guests in the slow motion photo booth, it’ll be easy to catch up with each of them. Including some of the senior guests in these activities will make for some very special moments captured on film or in photos.

Theme your wedding around a holiday.

When people are already excited about a special day or event, they’ll be ready to celebrate double-time on your wedding day. A Valentine’s Day wedding or New Year’s Eve wedding will provide the perfect opportunity for decorations. Get creative with these holidays. If you decorate with themed party favours, deserts, and flowers for the table, the event is sure to be memorable. You could even consider a Halloween themed wedding…if you dare.

Bring in a Food Truck

If you’ve ever danced all night, laughed all night, socialized all night, you know that by midnight, you’re usually famished. Why not book a couple of food trucks to drive up to your venue? Food truck meals and snacks have elevated to a level of unmatched deliciousness. Try a sweet and a savoury option. Your guests will love getting outside for a few minutes and the mess….what mess?

Bride and Groom celebrating the arrival of a Badder Wedding Bus
Badder School Bus

Pamper your guests with a ride.

One of the best ways to take care of your guests is to organize their transportation for them. Consider renting an elegant wedding charter to transfer your guests from the church to the picture location, then to the reception hall. Or spoil your wedding party with all day transportation. Alternatively, rent a school bus, and double up on its use. Deck out the inside with fairy lights and decorations to double as the backdrop for your photo booth. No matter what type of bus you choose, your guests will be extremely grateful for the organized transportation. Delight, spoil, and care for your guests to ensure your wedding is one for the memory books. You plan the venue, the food, and the fun – we’ll take care of the transportation logistics. Badder Bus offers beautiful wedding charters, charter buses and school buses to transport your guests and make sure your event is one they will never forget. Call 1-800-668-1974 or visit