Badder Bus History



Allan and Marianna Badder started Badder Bus in 1950 with just one bus.



Claude Pearson, a good friend of Allan Badder’s was also the distributor of the first Ford Transmatic Blue Bird.

Our First Transmatic Blue Bird Bus from the 1970s


During the ’70s, Allan Badder used his school buses for charter trips. That was until 1978, when the first 47 passenger coach was purchased. It was equipped with a washroom, air conditioning, and reclining seats–a luxurious bus for that time period.¬†

a bus that was burned from a building fire


A building fire in 1984 caused damage to some of our buses. But customer service remained at the forefront of our operation. 



During the ’90s, Badder Bus expanded its school operations with the acquisition of Waylin Bus Lines and the Elgin County Board, making Badder 3 companies strong.

Badder Buses from the year 2000


In this decade, Badder expanded its operations by opening 2 new offices; one in Essex and one in London. Along with the new offices, Badder expanded the fleet of coaches, which tripled to 27 units.



Badder Bus grew again in 2014 with the purchase of Wills Bus Lines of Binbrook, Ontario. This opened Badder’s operating base in the Golden Horseshoe and rose the fleet to over 40 full size highway coaches. This photo shows Badder getting ready to head out to the Vancouver Olympics.



Bev Shipley, MP for Lamton-Kent-Middlesex presents Mr. and Mrs. Badder with a token for their 65th Anniversary of the opening of Badder Bus.



My parents, Allan and Marianna Badder, started this company in 1950 with one bus. Throughout the years, we’ve worked together as a family to build Badder Bus to hundreds of buses and bus routes. For more than 65 years, our mission has been to work hard for you–to take you places you’ve never been before. And it’s been our pleasure to take this journey
with you. 

– Doug Badder